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Change a User's Password in ASP.NET Membership when you don't know the original password

I ran into a situation where I needed to regain access to a site using ASP.NET membership security, but I'd lost the passwords to the user accounts, the security questions were not implemented, and the password reset email did not work either. This article from StackOverflow helped regain access to the site.

How to Debug Local VBScript

For a long time, I didn't know any better way to "debug" a VBScript than to find where it blew up from the error message and put MsgBox() statements right before it. Eventually I needed a better way, and I found this quick and easy tip. Open command window <cscript|wscript> <file.vbs> //X Now when the script throws an error, you have the opportunity to run the script debugger such as Visual Studio 2010. In my case, it I use Visual Studio Professional, but I think it will work with the Express Editions as well.